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Chapter 15, The Fox Lords

Before she faces the Lohmite Assembly, Amelia Elburn searches far and wide for other L’Ariel who have been driven out of their homeland and into surrounding provinces.  She will need their strength to make it back to the world of men.

Chapter 12, Behind the Wall

With tensions high, Mr. Bisbee is summoned to address the students of Cambelton about the threat endangering the school.  Zach tries his hand at dueling a faerie and Adrian’s anxiety about his origin deepens.

Chapter 11, Daniel Nevin

A new face joins the breakfast table at Cambelton and one of the professors suspects that the school may have a threat walking its halls.

Chapter 8, Telaeos Gallieu

Violet makes it her mission to help Adrian who seems to be the only student at Cambelton who has yet to discover his origin. 

Chapter 7, A Plot to Plot

While the students obsess over questions concerning their lineage, Zach tries to find a way to sneak past Mr. Bisbee to deliver some very important information to Violet.


Zach doesn’t know what to expect when a faerie comes to him bearing a letter for Headmistress Amelia Elburn.  Could he be in trouble on the first day of school?